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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tween Hair Blog Too Good Not to Share

My oldest daughter is entering a new age; an age in which she is more interested in her looks form her shoes to the bows in her hair. This new age is called tweendom, and it's already got me confused.

And when you're confused, don't you turn to the internet for answers? I know I'm not the only one. That's when I stumbled upon TweenyHair.

The blog is too good not to share. This blog is written by an average mom (not someone with a background as a hair stylist). She just happens to have a bi-racial daughter with very long, thick, beautiful hair, and she has been determined to put the effort into styling her daughter's hair in interesting ways that won't cause undue damage. No chemicals. Her ideas are inventive and the results are impressive. She gives all her instructions via written word (as far as I have seen) -- no video. She's my new hair hero.

Unfortunately Syd, the mom, stopped blogging in November 2012. As all little girls do, her daughter grew up and has so many interests that she doesn't want to spend as much time on some of the more elaborate styles her mother honed. She's also taken on more of the responsibility of doing her own hair. I can dream!

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