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Friday, August 26, 2011

JC Penny Coupons Good for Salon Products

Found in today's Houston's Chronicle
 If you like salon hair products, but you don't like the price, you should know that JC Penny often issues coupons that are accepted in their salon. The coupons (like the one picutred here) are usually for $10 off a minimum purchase of $25. Not every JC Penny has a salon, but locations are listed online.  If you like brands like Paul Mitchell, Redken, and Biolage you'll find them there. Happy saving!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cut to Grow

No doubt the water pressure all around The Woodlands Sunday night the water pressure plunged significantly. In our household, loads of laundry and hair were washed in preparation for the first day of school.

Back-to-school means getting back into daily routines, including "fixin' hair." That's never been an event in our home heralded with smiles and laughter. Sunday night, things were better. We recently took Camille and Madeleine to have their hair trimmed and it made such a difference. Combing hair Sunday night was so much easier. Trimming the ends reduces tangling, I learned.
Ready for the new school year

This is something I actually learned last spring when Camille had her hair trimmed for the first time. It may seem surprising that I didn't know this, so I'll give you some background. I don't believe my hair was cut before I got bangs in the seventh grade, and even after that I might have gotten my ends trimmed once a year. It just wasn't something we did if you wanted your hair to grow. And long, flowing hair was consistently the goal at any cost, however unattainable!

My latest lesson on this natural hair journey has been sometimes in order to grow and appreciate something more, you have to cut the old, dead stuff. Maybe there's a lesson there for life in general as well.